European Service Module 3


The Artemis programme is bringing humans back to the Moon. It depends heavily on NASA’s Orion spacecraft that consists of a crew module and the European Service Module, which will provide propulsion, life support, environmental control and electrical power. Main contractor Airbus has just been green-lighted by ESA to develop a third European Service Module.

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  1. >"The moon is really our eighth continent"
    That's a really interesting way to think about it, and it makes sense, it's so damn close to us compared to Venus and Mars, and it did form partially out of the Earth itself as well, will be good to see humanity establish a permanent presence there eventually

  2. very interesting if they do land next to an apollo era lunar rover including surveyor spacecraft can the two Artemis astronauts receive training on Apollo era material. Remember that SLS Stage 2 and 3 modernized Apollo J-2 engines

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