See the European Service Modules taking humankind forward to the Moon


From the @Airbus integration halls in Bremen, Germany, this replay of a live event shows a sneak peek of the two European Service Modules that will power astronauts to the Moon and back as part of @NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

Orion is NASA’s next exploration spacecraft to send astronauts farther into space than ever before, beyond the Moon to asteroids and even Mars.

ESA has contracted and is overseeing the development of the European Service Module, the part of the Orion spacecraft that provides air, electricity and propulsion. Much like a train engine pulls passenger carriages and supplies power, the European Service Module will power the Orion crew module to its destination and back to Earth.

The programme includes Andreas Hammer, Head of @Airbus Defence and Space Exploration showing the European Service Modules in production, ESA Director General Jan Wörner announcing future developments, a statement by ESA’s head of European Service Module programme Philippe Deloo, a statement by Airbus head of European Service Module programme Didier Radola, a Moon missions overview with ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst and ESA’s head of Space Transportation Nico Dettmann on how ESA is building Orion with industry.

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  1. Why even try? Elon has already made plans to go to the moon with a fully reusable rocket. It will cost like 2 mil to fly. And they will reuse the whole thing. I don’t care what you’re planing on bringing home and I understand that you have worked very hard to be where you are today but Elon has already made history books. He’s planing on making mars very very inhabitable. And he is able to fly over 200 people in one rocket saving tons of money. 40 cabins per ship, 23 to 3, maybe 4 people in every cabin. So I’d join space x if I were you. Also they have already landed the 12 story rocket after belly flopping from over 40000 feet. You are wasting money. Join SpaceX so you can not waste your money. Artimus won’t be a name underlined in our future history textbook. You will see Star Ship ☺️

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