Gaia turns 10! 🚀 🎂


Ten years ago, on 19 December 2013, our billion star-mapping satellite Gaia launched.

Since then, Gaia has been scanning the sky and gathering an enormous amount of data on the positions and motions of 1.8 billion stars, enabling discoveries about the history of our galaxy.

Gaia is creating an extraordinarily precise three-dimensional map of more than a billion stars throughout our Milky Way galaxy and beyond, mapping their motions, luminosity, temperature and composition.

This huge stellar census will provide the data needed to tackle an enormous range of important questions related to the origin, structure and evolutionary history of our galaxy.

Gaia’s catalogue is ever-growing containing data on stars and other cosmic objects such as galaxies, exoplanets, and binary stars. Here’s to more discoveries!

📹 ESA – European Space Agency

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  1. My absolutely favorite moment while studying happened thanks to Gaia!

    We were two groups writing a bachelor thesis on dying stars and our sister groups got a star that was… According to Gaia… 2000 light-years away… ±4000 light-years.

    (This is due to AGB stars being so big they dont always fit the model and can cause the math to get funny)

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