Giant solar eruption felt on Earth, Moon and Mars ☀️ #shorts


A solar eruption detected simultaneously at Earth, the Moon and Mars emphasises the need to prepare human exploration missions for the dangers of space radiation.

📹 ESA – European Space Agency


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  1. Letalmente asi es nuestra estrella, cada cierto tiempo nos manda un aviso de su poder y la tierra nos protege a pesar de lo mal que nos comportamos.Hay una aplicacion se llama space weather Live , informa sobre estos eventos solares.

  2. This is amazing 😍 day my of whole life 💗 love you India you give so much information about moon South pole of the place for exploration of water and other materials and elements and much more and India is the first country landed on that site and no one countries yet visited yet ,, love Indian scientists working for better for this earth future 😊 and India mission always cost effective as compared to make a movie cost this is just incredible

  3. you are free to land on any other surface in this solar system ..but you will not interfere with or inject the sun with anything or misalign the moon with your lack of volition to travel , the equilibrium of the sun moon and earth is critical to all life , and as scientists you also are belligerent in your searches for answers …so the actual very scientific equilibrium of the three the sun moon and earth cannot be disturbed. United States to the UK to France to Germany to Japan to China to India will all be eating more than negative effects from disturbing this foundational balance that sustains all life .

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