How do you imagine life around Jupiter? 🧐 #shorts


Determining whether the Jovian moons provide the right conditions for habitability is one of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, Juice, core objectives. Could life have appeared somewhere there? Do any of the Galilean moons have the building blocks needed for life?

By studying the Galilean moons’ hidden oceans, magnetism, heating processes, tidal effects, orbits, surface activity, cores and compositions, atmospheres and space environments, Juice will investigate whether the conditions necessary for life could ever have emerged on Ganymede, Europa or Callisto. Juice will help us to understand these worlds not only as planetary bodies but also as possible habitats for life. Juice’s high-resolution mapping will hunt for biologically essential and important elements (such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, magnesium and iron).

These moons are especially exciting prospects for life given their hidden subsurface oceans. Characterising their habitability will have far-reaching scientific implications well beyond the Jupiter system itself, and will help us understand the general habitability of icy worlds across the Universe. Importantly, Juice’s second target of the wider Jupiter system will reveal more about the general prospects for habitability in similar planetary systems around other stars.

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  1. These presentations are great – I hope you can maintain this level of enthusiasm for the duration of the journey there! Will JUICE be working during its journey (so there'll be new stuff to present en route), or is it mostly asleep until it arrives at Jupiter?

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