How much do you sleep?💤 #shorts


Just think about the amount of food and water that a crew of astronauts would need to go all the way to Mars, as well as all the mental, physiological, and, most importantly, radiation risk challenges. How about we avoid all of those issues by putting the astronauts to sleep?

The main problem is that humans don’t hibernate. Astronauts would have to take a drug to induce hibernation and enter sleeping pods, quiet environments with low lights, high humidity, kept at temperatures below 10°C.

Hibernation not only promises to benefit astronauts in space, but it may also offer new potential applications for patient care on Earth.

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  1. But when humans sleep, our brains are at the most active, doing cleanout, sorting the archives sort of, with all that dreaming, so sleep needs lots of energy. How will human brains that were hibernated, not very active, then be when the person wakes up? You have to go from hibernation to a sleep state, and sonehow fuel up the human so the brain has energy to do its cleanout and archive work, BEFORE the person then wakes up. 🙏

  2. Wondering who is going to volunteer to try this hibernation thing… Well, probably the first ones will be people that either hibernate or die, due to a health issue. If it works, astronauts will be next.

  3. Would you still need to give nutrients, vitamis or something to the body? Hybernation is not like cryostasis and you still use some limited bodyfunctions, right? 🤔 Guess it would be more efficient either way lol

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