How Much Does a Shadow Weigh?


Veritasium SLINKY video:
Veritasium channel… SUBSCRIBE:
A great Veritasium episode about using video to teach:

Vsauce2 LEANBACK about shadows:

Vsauce3 explains how realistic SimCity is… SUBSCRIBE:

Jake’s YouTube channel:

Vsauce on Twitter (lots of extra mindblows):
Vsauce on Facebook (your chance to blow MY MIND):

Hand shadow book:

Light “pushes” us:

Solar Sail:

solar sail GIF:

Venutian Shadows:

Speed of light in different materials:

sonic boom demonstration:

Cherenkov radiation:


Photonic booms in your eyes:

Pushing a lightyear-long object:

compression / longitudinal waves:

cool site for putting things in perspective (this link is for 1 sq. inch):

Also this is important:

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