How Will NASA’s InSight Spacecraft Land on Mars?


When NASA’s InSight descends to the Red Planet on Nov. 26, 2018, it’s guaranteed to be a white-knuckle event. Rob Manning, chief engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains the critical steps that must happen in perfect sequence to get the robotic lander safely to the surface.

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  1. I have a question about the absence of the moon and the lunar eclipse
    How many times happens eclipse and how often happens absence in the year ??
    What is the difference between the absence of the moon and the lunar eclipse?
    We hope you make a video for visual explanation
    Then upload the videos to YouTube

  2. Could they do an out-gassing type of cooling on entry? (Not sure if you can call it reentry).
    Like Comets do…Liquid Nitrogen vented out through the windward side to carry any heat away.

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