Interview with Jan Wörner after Space19+


Interview with ESA Director General Jan Wörner following the conclusion of Space19+, the ESA Council at Ministerial Level, held in Seville, Spain, 27-28 November.

Find out more about the biggest ever budget committed by ESA ministers:

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  1. Great news, ESA! Congrats! 👏👍
    For the future I expect (not only even better efficiency, but also) even bigger budget. We are going to Moon and beyond and sustainably.
    (more money for example from Slovakia, hopefully new full member)

  2. I give Jan a Thumbs-Up in this short summary here for as far as he’s able to go in it. However, addressing, for one, the ‘newspace’ portion of his final comment: One thing I think European space (writ large; meaning, with ESA as Europe’s lead in ‘strategic space thinking’ hopefully; tho one might also consider such as the EU here as well), I still remain concerned that they remain primarily in ‘reaction’ mode regarding things like newspace; ie reacting to what has been happening here in the US the last 15 years, but, without asking themselves the BIG questions. ESA is taking upon itself the job of thinking commercialization and a little reuse and lower-cost (for a government-funded launcher like Ariane-6); but those are secondary effects at best. As a friend of Europe, what I urge European space cadets to do is to ask: WHY has Europe NOT produced an Elon Musk? That South African immigrant to the US is the single most important reason for the planet-wide renaissance in the space, ie ‘NewSpace’ industry on Earth, almost single-handed; he’s the one that got NASA to partner with Him, not the other way around . And the rest is history. (One can even go farther and ask, where is the Jeff Bezos/Blue Origin of Europe, since they’ve developed the newest big engine on the planet, and are re-engining a legacy ‘old-space’ provider – all at no cost to taxpayers! And that’s before they even fly their own first vehicle). But the first question is the most relevant. You want Europe to really improve? ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. SHOW SOME COURAGE. We need a democratic Europe to step up and be our true main competitor – not (communist party-led PRC) to keep us sharp and evolving. For the sake of the democratic, ‘Western’ countries and way of life and the future of Earth, please, Europe. ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS. – Respectfully: Dave Huntsman, 45yr (and counting) NASA guy.

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