Luca Parmitano: back from Beyond


ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano returned from his second long-duration mission to the International Space Station, known as ‘Beyond’, on 6 February 2020. In this interview at ESA’s Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, he shares some of his experiences and feelings after 201 days in orbit.

This interview was conducted late on the night Luca landed in Cologne, and is the first full interview with him in Europe since he touched down in Kazakhstan at 09:12 GMT (10:12 CET) Thursday 6 February.

Some of the highlights of Luca’s Beyond mission include becoming the third European and first Italian in command of the Space Station, leading three of four complex spacewalks to maintain the cosmic-ray-detecting Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer AMS-02, gaining the European record for most cumulative spacewalking time, remotely controlling a rock-collecting rover in the Netherlands, supporting over 50 European and 200 international experiments and sharing his experiences with those back on Earth through images and video links.

One of the main things Luca highlighted throughout his mission was the fragility of our planet and the need to act now for generations to come.

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  1. It is disappointing to hear that he not only commented on a female astronaut's physical attractivess, but that was the first thing he said about her, and only then commented on her professional performance.

    I get the feeling that he probably wouldn't have said that about a male astronaut. "He looked great. And he did a good job too."

    I do want to note that he did nicely when he corrected himself from saying "mankind" to "humankind"

  2. At some point people should make a decision to admit a labor duties among everybody about building CO2 and CH4 absorbing towers-stations all along the world. With a probability of future upgrade. And to involve as many people as possible to studying and development of more and more efficient methods. As long as trees and forests areas becoming smaller and smaller.

  3. Parmitano's mission was great success for him and ESA.
    Unfortunately the European Space Agency while visits the EU bodies and asks increased funding, it doesn't even put the european flag on the arms of its astonauts.
    Does anybody now which EU general directorate finances ESA? I would like to write a letter of complaint pointing out this disrespectful policy…

  4. "It feels heavy". Parmitano gave the start of an answer there, with some details. But I'd like to find more videos explaining in even more details what exactly it is that feeling of "heavy" upon returning to Earth.

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