Iris: satcom for aviation


Iris will provide a safe and secure text-based data link between pilots and air traffic control (ATC) networks using satellite technology.

The programme is developed under a public-private partnership between ESA and Inmarsat, and will help relieve pressure on the aviation sector’s congested radio frequency communication channels.

It will so as part of the European Commission’s Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) masterplan to modernise Europe’s air traffic management.

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  1. We don't need more planes causing more pollution so I can''t support a system which encourages this. Maybe per plane it saves but overall with the 50% increase in air traffic mentioned by 2030 it means more pollution and global warming.👎

  2. Considering the fact of increased number of air crashes and number of air flight Iris will provide far more accurate and effecient tool for air traffic control to guide safely towards destination ☺👍

  3. increasing number of air flights is not good, but bringing in 5G is great, actually its better than great. I'm looking forward to this but also not super happy with the amount of air traffic we have.

  4. CERN AGENCE SPATIALE EUROPÉENNE SUPER …MAIS EN FRANCAIS EUROPÉEN C ' EST POSSIBLE ou y a que les RICAINS et les BREXITOIS qui sont concernés MÊME la N A S A est plus explicite !!! Mais quand vous aurez décidé de COMMUNIQUER en FRANCAIS , MARS SERAS DÉJÀ HABITÉ par " l ' homme " …

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