Juice takes the heat


ESA’s Jupiter Icy moons Explorer, Juice, has successfully completed rigorous thermal tests simulating the extreme coldness of space and the warmth of the Sun at ESA’s test centre ESTEC, in The Netherlands.

The spacecraft underwent a month of round-the-clock testing and monitoring in the Large Space Simulator, which recreates the vacuum of space and is able to simulate both hot and cold space environments. The spacecraft was subjected to temperatures ranging from 250 degrees to minus 180 degrees Celsius, showing that it can survive its journey in space.

Juice will launch in 2022 to our Solar System’s largest planet. It will spend over four years studying Jupiter’s atmosphere, magnetosphere and its icy moons Europa, Callisto and Ganymede, investigating whether the moons’ subsurface oceans are habitable for life.

Learn more about Juice: https://bit.ly/JuiceESAScience

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  1. Que grande missão com as temperaturas em alta …Todos desejamos que as notícias sejam calorosas e que as questões acalentem as tão desejadas respostas!! É uma missão entre Vénus, o maciço Júpiter e os Maiores Satélites…Obter uma compreensão mais aprofundada dos "puzzles" que os cercam!! Sucesso para JUICE e para todos…esperamos pelas novidades fresquinhas!

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