Learn all about Juice journey to #Jupiter 🛰️ #shorts


An eight-year cruise with four gravity-assist flybys at Earth and Venus will slingshot the spacecraft towards the outer Solar System. The first flyby in April 2024 will mark a space exploration first: Juice will perform a lunar-Earth gravity-assist – a flyby of the Moon followed 1.5 days later by one of Earth.

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  1. this launch was very inspiring for me, im 13 years old, and live in south wales, i missed the launch live, but watched it after, i play a 3D rocket game, and i have been inspired to make my own jupiter moon orbiter probe called DUST, ive watched over 200 live launches, over 3 years, including DART, Lucy, Jwst, and Artemis 1

  2. 😃 I can't believe it! and I thought it would take many, many more years to get there 😆😆😆 I hope I'll be in university to become an astronaut 🤞🏻 let's hope I don't change my mind 🤞🏻

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