Magnetic field: why it matters


Earth’s magnetic field is continuously changing. Magnetic north wanders, and every few hundred thousand years the polarity gradually flips, so that a compass would point south instead of north.

This is the second of three videos:
Magnetic field: an introduction: />Magnetic field: why it matters
Magnetic field: learning more with Swarm

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  1. What the hell, ESA? You should know better! Those devices are not going to just stop working. Nor are those services going to be at any great risk any time soon. Such changes are taken into account for those devices and services. You talk as if we're just going to stop changing how they work for no reason. And "will we soon find ourselves back in the stone age again?" REALLY!? Even IF all those things were to stop working today, such an age would not happen. It would not be permanent, and human ingenuity would quickly overcome. We wouldn't go back to being stone age ignoramuses! >:(

    I would have expected to find such nonsense on a fear mongering channel.

  2. Was that like… Half a video? You don't just end it there, thats just giving fuel to the pseudoscience doomsday seekers, or god forbid, the history channel. 

  3. This video is little better than pseudoscientific nonsense. These magnetic field changes happen over the order of millennia. Past intervals between reversals have been as long as 30 million years. The magnetic field never completely disappears nor has any direct effect on the devices you mention either.
    Drumming up some interest in your latest project is all very well but deliberately misleading people is not the way to do it.

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