NASA Administrator Checks Out SLS Flight Avionics on This Week @NASA


NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden visited Marshall Space Flight Center to see work being done on the avionics and flight software for NASA’s Space Launch System rocket. Marshall’s System Integration Lab conducts flight simulations of the avionics system — including hardware, software and operating systems — that will guide the launch vehicle, to see how the SLS will perform during launch. Also, Dream Chaser agreement expanded, ISS crew returns safely, Senate Youth Program, More high marks for Morpheus, Asteroid Data Hunter challenge, SXSW Interactive and more!

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  1. I think I would have quite liked to have worked for N.A.S.A.!!! Not cleaning out the toilets!!! Not as a rocket designer either or rocket scientist!!! And I'd HATE to be an astronaut!!! I would have quite liked to have been an executive director or administrator there though as I think that is something that would challenge my mind but yet wouldn't be too daunting a challenge to someone clever like myself!!!

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