NASA Explorers: Final Approach


In the pre-dawn hours of a late October day, a satellite and an airplane joined forces over the frigid Weddell Sea, taking simultaneous measurements of drifting sea ice. It was the culmination of more than a decade of planning, designing and building the best way to measure Earth’s changing ice.

#NASAExplorers are constantly pushing the limit to learn more about our world and those far beyond. Join in as they celebrate a milestone in the quest to better understand the planet we call home.

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  1. That was horrible. Phrases like, "the people who look for answers will never stop searching." And "It is very satisfying feeling, because you do something that is meaningful…" Really Sherlock? Wow, what a marvelous discovery. How many billions of dollars did it take to find that out. How about something like, "On such & such a day, we were finally able to coordinate (or collaborate) our instruments and we found such & such results." Or "this was our findings."

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