First interview with Alexander Gerst back on Earth


(A German version of this interview is available here:

Just hours after returning from his Horizons mission on the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst gives a short interview at the German Aerospace Centre’s ‘:envihab’ facility in Cologne, Germany.

Alexander returned to Earth alongside crew mates Serena Auñón-Chancellor and Sergei Prokopyev on 20 December 2018 in the same Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft that flew them to the Station on 6 June 2018.

The trio’s landing in the Kazakh steppe marked the successful conclusion of over six months in space during which Alexander conducted over 60 European experiments, became the second ever European commander of the International Space Station, welcomed six resupply vehicles, installed the first commercial facility for research in the Columbus laboratory, delivered an important message on climate change for leaders at the COP24 climate change conference, captured real-time footage of a Soyuz launch abort and much, much more.

#Horizons was Alexander’s second mission to the International Space Station – the first was Blue Dot in 2014.

Now back in Cologne, Alexander will take his time to readapt to Earth’s gravity supported by ESA’s team of space medicine experts. He will also continue to provide ground-based data for researchers to support experiments performed in space.

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  1. Ich wünsche mir, dass Sie nächster Bundespräsident Deutschlands werden oder eine ähnlich hohes Amt bekleiden dürfen, damit Sie die Macht bekommen, den Wunsch für Ihre Enkelkinder in die Realität umzusetzen.

  2. That makes hope, knowing the math
    you are learning could lead that high above the clouds, out there in the outer
    space. I wish you Alexander, well, for sure; you are going to show as also in
    the next future some more examples what could be done. And last but not least,
    it would be great if some woman, we have in our vicinity, in the city, at the
    school, respect at the university, speaking the same language we are speaking
    in everyday life, is going to take those in some way necessary steps to ISS. I
    think this is the best wish for the next year to come.

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