NASA Explorers S3 E2: Follow that Plume!


Chasing smoke is a round-the-clock business. Wildfire smoke can travel long distances and over several days, so #NASAExplorers with the Fire Influence on Regional to Global Environments and Air Quality (FIREX-AQ) mission took to the field to find where it goes. From a plane directly above the Shady Fire in the middle of the afternoon to a valley in the Sawtooth Mountains at 1 in the morning, explorers are gathering important data about how fire smoke affects communities near and far. #S3E2

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  1. The Americans were working at much the same problems. We all heartily applauded then on the twentieth of July nineteen seventy-five Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin ( with Michael Collins backing them up from the orbiting command module) proved that man on the Moon was not just H. G. Wells' fiction.
    But people are fed up with all this rasing. What we want is cooperanon, not rivalry.
    So much is happening nowadays. Even the radio, television, newspapers are not enough to give people an adequate impression of what is going on in the world…
    Well, I suppose each medium has its shortcomings. Take the radio, for one. It tells you about things, but you cannot see them.

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