NASA Explorers S3 E5: The New Normal


As the planet warms, fire seasons burn year-round and more areas are becoming flammable. #NASAExplorers are studying how fires are changing with the climate, and tracking how landscapes change after fires. With satellite data, people on the ground and partners with communities and agencies around the planet, #NASAExplorers are helping prepare for the “new normal” of fires on Earth. #S3E5

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  1. Záchranáři jsou naše zlatíčka, říkávala to dávno naše hodná babička,lidé je mají rádi jsou i naši kamarádí , mám je rád, pro to Jim všem chci tuto mou básničku dát a chci taky pomáhat třeba jen slovy útěchy, dobrým slůvkem hoši mám vás všechny rád Karel b

  2. Why open surface Moon because we used to close surface Moon with stone powder this it made our earth very hot all place now we pass very near sun . I see you NASA with diamond eyes you smile to me who it he .

  3. Nice bit of propaganda here. NASA just put out a report on the vastly increased amount of flora across the planet. Now, the planet is warming and fires are raging. If California didn't cut the funding for forest management then they wouldn't be burning. Forests have always burned. It's not hotter, it's not dryer. Load of nonsense.

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