“NASA Spinoff” Here!


The latest edition of NASA’s ” Spinoff” publication is out, highlighting some of the more than 1,800 products derived from NASA space technologies that touch nearly every aspect of our daily lives; from life-saving medical devices to the food we eat. Administrator Charlie Bolden explains why it’s part of NASA’s mission to ensure that the results of the agency’s research and development go on to benefit all of society. There’s more space in your life than you think! To learn more, visit us at spinoff.nasa.gov.

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  1. Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson 😉 After all his efforts it's sad to see that NASA's budget was cut even more this year … 4/10ths of a penny and still conquering the biggest frontier. Lets just hope we can speed it up a little.

  2. NASA's the only company that's not in competition with other companies but more in competition with themselves. By doing this has helped push the money hungry cost cutting poorly designed an cheapskate companies so far behind. If wasn't for NASA we would all still be writing with pencils and focused on the "best looking radio" on the market. NASA deserves more respect then what its been given.
    Coke, pepsi, Microsoft, Apple, should all help contribute towards NASA and push the human evo forward.

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