Spinoff 2019: How NASA Technology Improves Life on Earth


NASA is everywhere – our space technology turns up in nearly all corners of modern life. The world has come to rely on GPS signal correction software created by NASA, which enables precision agriculture, airplane navigation, smartphones, Earth science and much more. A lightweight, high-pressure tank NASA invented to hold rocket fuel now stores life-saving oxygen to keep pilots, firefighters and intensive care patients breathing — not to mention gases that power city buses and even paintball guns. Fitness enthusiasts may be surprised to learn about NASA’s contribution to the Bowflex Revolution resistance-exercise home gym.

For more examples of how NASA shows up in your everyday life, visit: https://spinoff.nasa.gov

This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library: https://images.nasa.gov/details-NHQ_2019_0403_Spinoff%202019.html

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  1. Just look back, What a Greatest Achievements They have been done to peoples of this planets. Continue push forward, Trump and People of America are behind you.

  2. is that it???? so light weight fuel tanks is what this planet needs???? or what bussiness mens need???? I see the world at one step of collapse, I dont know how NASA is making this planet a better places to live. Benefits just for few people. No big impact at all.

  3. Les recomiendo que reviséis todos los contratos porque ya sabéis cómo es de legal y cumplidora. Estáis todavía en tiempo y forma, pero ya no hay más plazos. SE ACABÓ.

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