Planck reveals an almost perfect Universe


Acquired by ESA’s Planck space telescope, the most detailed map ever created of the cosmic microwave background — the relic radiation from the Big Bang — was released today, revealing the existence of features that challenge the foundations of our current understanding of the Universe.

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  1. oh shit really?? better go tell all the scientists and astrophysicists out there that they're wrong cause you must have more scientific knowledge then them… just kiding, seriously, i hope this video didnt shake your litle comfy belief too much… god bless you hahahaha

  2. But now it is the proof of big bang instead, weird huh?. It is like every time they have found evidence against the current model, it allways result in a tampering of the model and later pretending nothing ever changed. For example, the temperature of CMB was expected to be different by big bang theoreticians, compared to what was first observed. The best made prediction of the CMB temperature and the most made predictions of the CMB temperature was made by steadB state cosmologists. It was actualy a huge suprice to big bang scientists to find that there was a CMB in the first place. But now you wil hear that the finding of the CMB was strong evidence in suport of the big bang theory. You will even hear people saying no one would have expected it if it wasn't for the big bang theory.
    Cosmology is the biggest pile of shit you can find with in the scientific community.

  3. Notice they have a model of what was right after the Big Bang then they infer. In other words they don’t know. They are guessing on dates. Look up the “axis of evil” in regards to cosmic background radiation. It’s all polarized toward Earth.

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