Planck’s view of the Universe


This animation highlights some of the many discoveries made by ESA’s Planck space telescope over its 4.5 year observing career, from new discoveries in our home Milky Way Galaxy stretching back to the first few moments after the Big Bang 13.82 billion years ago.

Credits: ESA

Read more on the ESA website:

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  1. Just one question… If it were a Big Bang (theory) then the 'centre' of the Big Bang would / should be very apparent in this sort of deep survey…. But it's not.

  2. The descriptive modeling for presentation are lineal, diagrammatic, to help understand. The sky survey is spherical/radial which therefore should show the galactic centre…somewhere, if the survey depth is 13.82 billion year to 'day zero'

  3. Actually the big bang doesn't predict a center of the univerrse expansion. Think it like a baloon, the universe is its surface, as you inflate the balloon the points on its surface get more and more distant, but there is no real "center", at least not on the surface. You could say that the bigbang happened "everywhere": at the time every point was contracted together. There are some cool videos that explain this in depth by MinutePhysics and Vsauce. (;

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