Story of Michael the Brave ⚔️ ALL PARTS 1 – 5


📜 Michael the Brave united all Carpathian principalities inhabited by Romanians for the first time in history. Battles in this documentary follow his journey, as he fought to carve out his realm.
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🕐 Battle of Calugareni ⚔️ Challenging the Ottoman supremacy 00:00
🕑 Battle of Giurgiu ⚔️ Winnin independence for Wallachia 25:24
🕒 Battle of Selimbar ⚔️ Unification of the Three Principalities 44:30
🕓 Battle of Miraslau ⚔️ Dominion Struggles 01:01:47
🕔 Battle of Guruslau ⚔️ Final Victory 01:17:00

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📢 Narration by: David McCallion

📝 Script co-author: Albert Weber

🚩 Many thanks to Albert Weber and his team for providing us with authentic contemporary sources, translated in English, which helped greatly in the creation of this series. Make sure to check out their books:

🚩 Many thanks to Calin Cretu, who helped us with Romanian name pronunciations! Without him we would’ve butchered Romanian names much more than we did 🙂

#romania #transylvania #wallachia

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  1. 1:27:30 like how the hell did sigusmund not think of that ? specially when he is outnumbering the enemy and have spare troops its like the oldest trick in the book to flank with cavalry and yet he lost …..

  2. If all these idiot Balkan nations didn't fight each other so much they could have been independent for 500 years. Rudolph especially was a stupid Emperor.

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