That time when Charlemagne tried crossing the mountains… ⚔


🚩 A clip from our video Battle of Roncevaux, 778 AD. See the full video here:

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#shorts #fyp #medieval #history #historymarche

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  1. Roland, Roland, Sound your final blast,

    As one by one your men at arms die fighting in the pass.

    And last of all is Oliver by swordsmen overthrown,

    And you of all the Frankish knights now stand alone.

    Roland, Roland, oh black the day you died.

    Your comrades slain around you and your sword there by your side.

    They found you on a hilltop with your face turned to the foe,

    And never has there been a day of such great woe.
    Roland, Roland, your name will live in song,

    Whenever brave men take up arms to right a grievous wrong.

    The fairest flower of chivalry to bloom in all the land,

    And the noblest of all the knights of Charlemagne.

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