The von Karman Lecture Series NASA Asteroid Redirect


A Theodore von Kármán Lecture Series talk, held November 6 and 7 at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, addressed the key aspects of the agency’s Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARRM) concept, which seeks to rendezvous with, capture, and redirect to translunar space a near-Earth asteroid.

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  1. Doesn't take long to see why he has trouble starting a video from within a presentation . .. . 15:44 min.
    They''ve been tempted to install the VLC media player.!?!  ( expected a JpL system administrator to be smarter)
    Better remove it and just use Windows 7 build-in media player AND install K-Lite Codec Pack Full to let the Win7Player
    recognise & play all known video types .. (install in advanced mode to de-select the extra software)
    btw. Great lecture, thanks

  2. I think it's amazing that y'all are putting this on YouTube! Getting a lecture about cutting edge technology and exploration in space for free? Awesome! I love science 🙂

  3. This would be a good job for the VASIMR electric propulsion system, when it is ready; they, the developers, are saying about three years.  You couple that higher power engine with nuclear reactors which were announced under development a couple of years ago by NASA. and we would be in a position not to have to plan ahead so many years in advance.  Its nice to see them moving ahead at last.

  4. This is why the Peter Principal-ized arms of the Government use Windows, but the NSA and NASA use LINUX and derivatives therefrom. They do not spend any time producing presentation platforms though, and wind up fumbling through unfamiliar, poorly explained tech for presentations. Just below my comment +Tanks in Space demonstrates more savvy than they seem to have with Windows. SETI does this same Presentation Tech Faceplant constantly. Empty niche needs filling?
     +Tanks in Space

  5. Incredibly exciting stuff! I am really happy to see the beginnings of more manned missions being planned out. Even if it is only part of a technical demo I hope that this really sparks the planning of more manned missions in the future. Especially to lunar orbit.

    It would be really exciting to see a successor of the ISS to be somewhere like the moon.

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