Thomas Pesquet – Alpha Mission


ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet has been assigned to the second operational flight of @SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft, launching to the International Space Station in 2021. Thomas’ second mission to the International Space Station will be called Alpha. This is after Alpha Centauri, the closest stellar system to Earth, following the French tradition to name space missions after stars or constellations.

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  1. Yay !
    The space is maybe, another dimension ?
    Thomas Pesquet made a book, I read it 5 times, it was so interesting, but the 5th time, it was a bit boring! It's really interesting for young Space enthusiasts, and the stars, like for example me! Since little its always faceted me! I have plenty of questions to ask! You have to have a good character to be an astronaut, not like me! Some people tell me that it's not too good for me as a girl to be an astronaut, but I ignore them! In short, it's very interesting !
    I can't wait !!
    I'm so exited !!

  2. J'avais proposé "Anima" comme nom. En latin, Anima signifie le souffle ou l'âme. Parcequ'une mission spatiale, au dela de porter un projet, a un souffle, une âme, celle d'élever la dignité de l'homme, et d'accomplir ce qu'il porte au fond de lui depuis toujours, aller vers des horizons lointains, repousser les frontières.

  3. I tought that he was going to say that he named the mission Alpha becouse it is the first mission with a Crew Dragon, but you cant realy call it an Alpha test anyway so that is kind of logical that he would not say that.

  4. Looking forward to this! Do we know if Thomas is going to be in one of the commanding positions of the dragon or if he his more of a passenger?

  5. Indeed ALPHA is one cool Letter heavy with Meaning ! BtW, Designwise, I prefer the Sojuz over the Dragon. More Oldschool =) The tubbish Modules in the Background also remind me a bit of the MIR, that was on Display as a Replica at Frankfurt Flughafen long ago… Cheers !

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