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Juice will complete two flybys of Europa in July 2032, approaching the moon at a closest approach of 400 km. During these close encounters, Juice will explore the geology, surface, subsurface, activity and environment of the moon, which appears to have a young, active, colourful and distinctively marked surface.

The mission will characterise the composition and chemistry of Europa’s surface, hunting for substances that are essential to support life and determining the source of the moon’s material. Europa may vent water vapour to space via ‘plumes’ and geysers; Juice will search for pockets of water in the moon’s shallow subsurface using unprecedented ice-penetrating radar, and reveal locations where the transfer of material between subsurface, surface and space may be especially intense.

Juice will complete its first flyby of Callisto in June 2032; the spacecraft will complete a total of 21 flybys of this moon from 2032–2034 (both to explore the moon and to adjust the energy and orientation of Juice’s orbit), coming as close as 200 km from Callisto at nearest approach.

Callisto is also the least geologically evolved Galilean satellite, and therefore offers a unique glimpse into the environment around early Jupiter. As the moon does not seem to have evolved much over time, it stands to reveal unique information about how it initially formed, and about the origin of the wider Jupiter system.

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