Waterloo ⚔️ The Truth behind Napoleon’s final defeat


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➤ Narration: Alexander Doddy

➤ Sources:
Operations of the Armee du Nord: 1815, The Analysis – by Stephen M. Beckett II – https://www.mapleflowerhouse.com/

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  1. Naploleon strategy is still amazing unfortnately traitors and inteligence can have a big impact on any battle which napleon has no contol dis time because he lack the time to properly organize his army since he was in exile for a long time what could have been the course of history if the french had the victory and become a world empire and not the british

  2. Where did they get this narrator from? From the mountain jungle of New Guinea? The way he pronounces foreign names is horrible. I always asked myself "who in God's name is he talking about now"?

  3. The narrator would be better in advertising and should be kept away from documentaries, by force if necessary.
    I can't listen to him.
    It's too annoying.

  4. Yes but what would come after Brussels? The British would remain and enemy and the Prussians, Austrians, Russia would continue plotting while Spain would be insurrectionist. No end in sight, no successful outcome even if battle was won.

  5. Wellington has most of his campaign in the Iberia Peninsula, leading the British-Portuguese Army against the French Armies. It annoying how so many people still think the spanish defeated the french… as a matter of fact, the spanish were allies of the french, aiding them in TWO invasions of Portugal. On the second invasion the Portuguese King D. João VI moved the capital to Rio de Janeiro, and leaving his generals and governors fighting the french. The british arrived and defeated the french. Napoleon kicked the 2 spanish kings and used his brother to rule the spanish. This made the spanish revolt and a spanish army entered the war agains the french. Portugal did not have his army at Waterloo because the Portuguese were expecting another war with Spain, and the army stayed at Portugal. Portugal lost 10% of his population fighting the french, and half of the country was destroyed. The portuguese did the same thing as the russian did in Moscow, to prevent the 4th french invasion to have sucess.

  6. Oh please. It was all the fault of French traitors and if French generals had followed orders Napoleon would be master of the world. You confuse intention with probability. It might have been Napoleon's intention to occupy Brussels but it doesn't follow that it would have been probable or even possible. This is the sort of thing that gives history a bad name; speculative projection into the fanciful. And whilst we're at it. could the commentary with its squeaky octave hopping inflections be anymore annoying?

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