We Go Together


We are building a coalition of nations that can help us get to the Moon quickly and sustainably. Together.

We have a bold vision to go back to the Moon by 2024. As we work towards this goal, we welcome a growing list of international and commercial partners.
It is the partnerships over the last 60 years that have ensured the steady progress. With Mars on the horizon, together we can explore more of our solar system and share in the advances and the knowledge that will come.

We go, together.

More about NASA’s Moon to Mars plans: https://www.nasa.gov/specials/moon2mars/
This video is available for download from NASA’s Image and Video Library:

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  1. videos like this removes my deppression just for some minutes and gets me hope. Keep doing what you do NASA, you propel the humanity further and further.

  2. The 20th century was just the prequel for the American century, The 21st century is the premiere of the American Century. With American ingenuity and international partners aiding us with with their greatest minds as well, I'm looking so forward to the future.

  3. I have a crazy idea right now. … we live in an environment that contains oxygen and carbon dioxide … We have an impossible environment in which it is outer space and contains carbon dioxide. We have a space-like environment that we cannot live in, which is the ocean that contains H2O and carbon dioxide. Suppose we have three equations in which there is carbon dioxide and by removing the carbon dioxide from the three equations it remains for us in the first environment (oxygen) and in the second environment (nothing / space) and in the third environment (H2O) so why don't we send a little water to the moon or Mars instead of those sophisticated cars. … we will solve the problem of rising sea levels and sinking islands. … it is possible that we can create a Earth-like environment on Mars if water is found. We are planting …. The transmitted water is filtered from salt and goes as fresh water …. The bacteria in the water can create another life as it created life here on our planet. … everyone is conducting experiments, no one can decide the matter directly, the scientists also conduct experiments before confirming …. Syria✌

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