What medical conditions would stop you becoming an astronaut?


Frank De Winne is answering a question on the ISS submitted by Mrs. Shahi from Birmingham (United Kingdom):
What medical conditions would stop you becoming an astronaut?

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  1. I love that this guy has taken the time to answer this question FROM SPACE no less…..but didn't really answer it.

    I think the original question posed was what conditions would prevent someone from becoming an astronaut. Not which medical issues are of concern to astronauts.

    If I might mention a few physical prerequisites:

    # Height 64 and 76 inches
    # 20/70 Corrected to 20/20
    # Blood Pressure-140/90

    I'd imagine also asthma, hypertension or any psychological illness would rule you out.

  2. In the space station, no, allergies wouldn't be much of a problem. The air in the station is as close to sterile as possible so there aren't any allergens in the air. The only thing in the air that could pose a problem is fungal spores as they have been observed on the ISS many times.

    However, allergies to materials used in the space station could exclude you from becoming an astronaut. Allergy to latex would be a big one.

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