When the King fights like a lion ⚔️ Battle of Lincoln, 1141 ⚔️ The Anarchy (Part 2)


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Part 1: https://youtu.be/ip5GAf_87sU
Part 2: https://youtu.be/5SjqnAzkn5g

🚩 The Anarchy was a period of civil war and unsettled government in England, often known as The Nineteen Year Winter, that occurred during the reign of King Stephen of England (1135–1154). In this 6-part series I will cover this turbulent period.

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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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00:00 Chapter 1
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02:24 Chapter 2

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  1. You can definitely see the mirrors George RR Martin used when writing the Dance of the Dragons. Though interestingly, his mirror of Stephen, Aegon II, only really fought in a single battle that left him horribly injured. Kinda the opposite of Stephen.

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