Where were you 40 years ago? 🚀 #shorts


On 28 November 1983, the first European-built Spacelab was launched from @NASAKennedy aboard Space Shuttle Columbia.

Also on board was Ulf Merbold, who became our first astronaut in space. The 10-day Spacelab-1 mission marked our entry into human spaceflight activities.

Under a cooperation agreement with @NASA, we were to build a modular research laboratory that would fit inside the Shuttle’s cargo bay.

In 17 years, European Spacelab equipment flew on 36 missions. The two Spacelab modules eventually made 16 flights with five different Shuttle Orbiters.

Many of Spacelab’s features live on in space hardware that is flying today. Europe’s Columbus laboratory on the Station evolved from Spacelab.

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  1. first european or other than USSR or US cosmonaut/astronaut was Vladimir Remek in 1978. There were german, cuban bulgarian, polish, romanian before 1982. so you just dont chech your facts yet still act like someone who has something to offer. you trash who need a lot of education.

  2. I wasn't there 40 years ago. But I am very happy to see such huge achievements of ESA in a short period of time. I have always loved ESA and NASA as they help me understand the mysteries of our universe better. It's my dream to become a space scientists and to serve the space science.
    Go ESA go you still have many mysteries to discover.

  3. A couple days after Apollo 8 returned, I got to see it close up and personal (Dad worked in the industry, eventually working on ALL Apollo missions).
    I still watch most launches (any launches) when I can.
    I wanted to be the 1st to set foot on Mars. My genetics weren't up to it. The years melted away, the body melted away, the brain is… proly melting.
    My odds of even getting there now are about as good as Hitler winning a 2nd Time's 'Man of the Year'.
    At the time I had hoped projects like this might speed our return to the moon and beyond, so today please forgive me if I feel a bit sad. I'm not going to get there. If humanity had truly chosen the path of exploration we could have already been there and beyond. Instead we place our efforts into mutual destruction and war. Power and Politics ruled the days and ultimately doomed me to live out my existence on this mudball called Earth.

  4. Dwayne chéri tu es mon si merveilleux amour Je t'aime si fort chéri
    Love so lifftof with u Dwayne Elliot chéri and adore so Space with u chéri
    Its so beautiful so amazing and always so magic like u Dwayne chéri …

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