Zooming Into II ZW 96 🔍 #shorts


This image takes the viewer to space to finish at Webb’s view of the galaxy merger II ZW 96.

This pair of galaxies is roughly 500 million light-years from Earth and lies in the constellation Delphinus, close to the celestial equator. As well as the wild swirl of the merging galaxies, a menagerie of background galaxies are dotted throughout the image. Learn more about the object here.

Credit: ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA, L. Armus, A. Evans, SDSS, E. Slawik, N. Risinger, M. Zamani (ESA/Webb), N. Bartmann (ESA/Webb)
Music: Tonelabs – The Red North

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  1. Two galaxies in the long-distant past, in the dance and throws of chance, that started over half a billion years ago. Amazing. What would it look like today? Probably much the same.

  2. My imagination explode while watching this. So many stars systems, how their planets looks like? What we could see from there?
    Man, we are small, but big enough to find out that space exist.

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