Battle of Talas, 751 AD ⚔️ Part 2/2 ⚔️ معركة نهر طلاس‎


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📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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📝 Sources:
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  1. ​ HistoryMarche i dont know if u will see this but u made a mistake in the end of the battle of yarmouk video when u said Khalid ibn al waild transformed the islamc armies to more efficient figting forece in a decad or something , Khalid had no hand on that since he was most of the time just a general like others such as Omar ibn al as or al muthana , islam give the arabs the high moral and the unbreakable fighting spirit and the logical thinking in every matter of life militry warfare as well so most of commanders were really good but of course khalid was a military genius, like most of the old roman general were very capable but scipio or ceaser were upove everyone , the hard agile body of early arab muslim and the fast movment also their ability to reseste hunger hardships was a compinde gift of the desert life and islamic teacheing of the importent of patient and resestnce so the speed , manover ,use of terrin hit and run tactics , was not khalid invantion but rather how arabs fight back days what khalid did was useing that to the best in the battles he led also the only major change he did at Yarmouk was to make muslim infantry figh in tighter kind a chohort formation to similate the roman why of fighting and to make light muslim infantry able of holding ground .

  2. Can you please cover about abdulrahman aldakhil who established the new caliphat in spain

    His story is very very interesting how he could run from abbasid until he could go to spain and build his own rule there

  3. Pretty sure the Abbasid Caliphate version of the battle is the real one, because if General Gao tell this truth back home he will be granted death for losing the battle. So he probably cook something up so he can blame the defeat on the mercenaries

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