Columbus 10 years on orbit


On 7 February 2008, Space Shuttle Atlantis launched to the International Space Station. In its cargo bay, ESA’s laboratory module Columbus. Now for adecade Columbus has been a part of the ISS. It is the place where ESA astronauts have done countless experiments in microgravity and the scientific importance of the module can hardly be overstated.

Join us live from ESA’s technical heart in the Netherlands on 7 February for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Columbus laboratory and the launch of the first Automated Transfer Vehicle. Details:

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  1. Eriksson, da Gama, Polo, Magellan, Drake, Amundsen, Byrd, Fiennes, amongst hundreds of other explorers of the last millennia or so, and they chose to name their module after the most genocidal one on the list. 😀 Logic… Next thing you know, when it's time to send a module to Tiangong 3, cause that's life after ISS, they might just decide to call it the Cortés, or the Pizzaro.

    Boy, oh boy.

  2. Ce qui serait bien pour une agence européenne, ce serait justement de mettre des sous-titres dans toutes les langues européennes ! (c'est plutôt facile sur Youtube)
    Car on ne peut pas profiter de notre Europe spatiale si on sait pas parler anglais ;p

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