Destination Earth orbit – director’s cut


ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen narrates this re-edited video on the inspiring endeavours of human spaceflight and how it changes our daily lives.

Andreas covers the first flight in Earth-orbit and the permanent inhabitation of space on the International Space Station to future exploration of our Solar System – and how these events inspired his work as an engineer and later astronaut.

The video touches on the amazing research done in space and for space and the technological impact this has making life on Earth better.

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  1. So… we are out of astronauts?
    See the funny thing is that i dont have the potential to become an astronaut, but i have it to become a theoretical physicist.. ha ha funny isn't it… My limitations are society's limitations. In other words, the video is not that inspiring; after all, you are talking about low Earth orbit (a few hundreds Km from the surface..) not interstellar space travel, not exploring the Solar system (with humans, not robots..). If you need more engineers to build new satellites that will serve the only purpose of providing facebook to 7 billion retards, just say it 😉

  2. Wow i first realised that it was my fellow dane Andreas then i saw his baby pictures and my brain clicked into hearing Andreases voice and not just an anonymous narrator. Ad Astra

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