Dealing with space debris


Earth is surrounded by a cloud of space debris. This material ranges from dead satellites and rocket stages to fragments of material and even flecks of paint… and all this junk could do enormous damage to working satellites.

During 18–21 April, experts from around the world will meet at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany for the 7th European Conference on Space Debris.

Delegates will discuss the extent of the debris problem and what can be done to ensure that satellites we rely on – providing us with services such as navigation, TV and weather forecasting – can operate safely in the future.

Talks will address acute issues like current practices in debris avoidance, novel concepts for removing debris, and the deployment of large constellations of several thousand satellites for telecommunications.

The conference will be opened by ESA Director General Jan Woerner and NASA’s former orbital debris chief scientist, Donald Kessler.

On 18 April and 21 April, live webcasts will cover the keynote address and press briefing, respectively. Details via

More information
ESA Space Debris
ESA CleanSpace

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  1. Hi, I'm part of a nonprofit arts organization titled inhabitants-tv. We're working on a free, online short video series about deep sea life and deep sea mining. One of the episodes talks about the use of satellite technology to help map the ocean floor and climate change. Would it be possible use some excerpts from your video for the series? It's quite hard to access good quality Creative Commons footage otherwise. We love your videos and would very much appreciate it if this would be possible. Thanks!

  2. Just like we have street cleaning at a local level, the planet needs a UN space cleaning detail that can fund various [startups?] commercial companies to do clean up missions. And make requirements that everything launched into space is disposed of properly. Fairings, spent stages, the lot of it.

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