Space debris story (2013)


The story of space debris highlighting how the unintended consequences of intense spaceflight activity during the past 60 years has resulted in a growing population of debris objects that pose hazards to safe space navigation. In 2013, experts estimate that 29 000 objects larger than 10 cm were orbiting Earth.

The video also highlights the current state of debris mitigation measures and presents several concepts for removing defunct satellites from economically vital orbits now being studied by space agencies and industry across Europe.

This video was produced for the 6th European Conference on Space Debris, 22-25 April 2013.

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  1. The powers that be better come up with a corrective action sooner rather than later. Whoever does come up with the answer and implements it successfully is going to be a Trillionaire.

  2. Means we are heading towards complete blindness. find way to recycles those debris instead of adding more in it. Btw i haven't found NASA's video on this issue.

  3. Human….we throw rubbish everywhere….aerospace industry are polluting the upper side of the earth….so called science but did not think further……what a shame………human……..

  4. While it's true that a shameful amount of debris is orbiting our planet, many aspects of this animation distort the truth. The debris is way out of proportion compared to the Earth. Consider the following. The largest piece of space junk is only 46 ft long. With the Earth's image scaled down to 4" in diameter (as in this animation with the browser window enlarged to some extent), the scale would be 989.75 mi per inch. At that scale, a 46 ft piece of space junk would be 0.0000088 inches (ie, invisible) in this animation, and that’s for the largest piece of space junk. Increase the scale by 500x (166 ft Earth diameter), and that 46 ft piece of space junk would still only show up as a single pixel on a 227 ppi display, and the majority of thousands of smaller pieces of debris would still be invisible in the animation. That’s not to say that space junk is not a serious threat to astronauts or active satellites in orbit. Space junk is a huge threat. I’m just saying that this animation misleading.

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