Space Debris


On 20 April 2021, ESA will host the 8th European Conference on Space Debris from Darmstadt, in Germany. Scientists, engineers, industry experts and policy makers will spend the virtual four day conference discussing the latest issues surrounding space debris. They will exchange the latest research, try to come up with solutions for potential problems and define the future direction of any necessary action.

There are currently over 129 million objects larger than a millimetre in orbits around Earth. These range from inactive satellites to flakes of paint. But no matter how small the item of debris, anything travelling up to 56 000 km/h in an orbit is dangerous if it comes into contact with the many satellites that connect us around the world, be it for GPS, mobile phone data or internet connectivity. The solution is to take action before it’s too late. This is why ESA has commissioned ClearSpace-1 – the world’s first mission to remove space debris – for launch in 2025.

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  1. Well, if this is a problem, why not shoot thousands and thousands more satellites into orbit – just to spread internet(??!?) even in the most remote areas of the planet. I’m sure it’s desperately missed there. Not. Mankind is doomed on so many levels…

  2. Great thought! Greatly no one has ever been in concern of this matter but I am proud ESA is actually showing everyone how this is done,🌞 Would love to work on this with you after I complete my masters……Even I think a lot about of them. Good luck TEAM ESA!!

  3. And how do we deal with starlink? I mean Elon Musk wants to launch 12.000 Satellite into the leo in 550 km altitude.
    Over 1 percent of them will fail and will be uncontrollable, that are more than 120 satellites. How does the ESA deals with that.
    And what could we do in the case of the Kessler syndrome?

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