Destination low Earth-orbit


ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen narrates this video on the inspiring endeavours of human spaceflight and how it changes our daily lives.

Andreas covers the first flight in Earth-orbit and the permanent inhabitation of space on the International Space Station to future exploration of our Solar System – and how these events inspired his work as an engineer and later astronaut.

The video touches on the amazing research done in space and for space and the technological impact this has making life on Earth better.

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  1. I have been hunting for years, watching countless EVA'S of astronauts, hundreds if launches, video after video. And yet I cannot seem to find one single clip of an astronaut moving across an airlock, from inside the spacestation to outside. And i can't find a 360° panoramic shot during an EVA, Just turning around with a camera in your hand, please send me a link if you believe you have either of these clips.

  2. Why does this guy only mention the moon as an afterthought … as if it didn't matter (or didn't happen!!)
    Low Earth Orbit LEO (should be high earth orbit or Low Space Orbit) is as far as we can now go???

    Why do we have to "re build" our path to the moon, when it was so easy 50 years ago?

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