ESA Euronews: Rosetta’s quest for the origin of life


The Rosetta Mission has been writing a new chapter in what we know about the formation of life. The ESA teams involved are now preparing for the last part of this amazing journey.

Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko has recently reached the perihelion – that’s the closest point to the Sun in its six and a half year orbit. It’s an important scientific step – as increasing solar energy warms the comet’s frozen ices, turning them to gas and dust. To stay safe, Rosetta has been forced to move further from the comet.

The Rosetta mission has been extended by nine months – until September next year. It’s hoped this will further boost the enormous amount of data that’s already been collected.

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  1. this video is not much more than the imaginary ice fluff that you fools at the ESA keep saying comets are made of. Please stop embarrassing yourselves. I expect some signs of intelligence from you supposedly well educated people.

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