ESAHangout: Rosetta mission’s day in the Sun


A Google hangout with Rosetta mission experts to celebrate perihelion – the closest point to the Sun along the comet’s orbit – which occurred on the morning of on 13 August 2015.

Joining our host Emily Baldwin (ESA Space Science Editor) were:
Nico Altobelli – Acting Rosetta Project Scientist, ESAC
Michael Küppers – Rosetta Science Operations Coordinator, ESAC
Sylvain Lodiot – Rosetta Spacecraft Operations Manager, ESOC
Armelle Hubault – Rosetta spacecraft operations engineer, ESOC
Barbara Cozzoni – Philae Lander engineer, DLR
Holger Sierks – OSIRIS Principal Investigator, MPS
Joel Parker – Alice instrument Deputy-PI, SwRI
Colin Snodgrass – Professional ground-based observing campaign coordinator, Open University
Aurelie Moussi-Soffys – Science activities manager SONC (Philae)

Date: 13 August 2015
Time: 15:00-17:00 CEST (13:00-15:00 GMT)

Background info on perihelion:

#Perihelion2015 #Rosetta #hangoutsonair

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  1. From the Electric Universe community perspective- Because of the electrochemical process, charged hydrogen particles arcing on silicate (oxygen rich rocky comet), will produce both HO (hydroxyl radicals) & H2O (water) and this is why small amounts of water is seen traveling back up the discharge path of the arc and which will be ninety degrees to the surface of the surface that is being eroded by the arc.

  2. Felicitacion a TODOS los involucrados en esta transmisión directa del paso del cometa 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko en su perihelio.   Acaba de terminar y me da mucho gusto haber estado presente en este acontecimiento.
         Ya tenía una buena idea de lo que ha sido necesario para lograr esta proeza y definitivamente, fue una gran experiencia.

        Congratulations to ALL PEOPLE involved in the direct transmission of the perihelium of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.   It just finished and I am very pleased to be present in this important fact.
         I dis have a good idea of what has been necessary to do and sure indeed, it was a great experience.

  3. Fantastic update, thanks all! Great to hear the details in a format we can all enjoy and understand.

    This is a wonderfully inclusive advert for outreach, science, engineering, international cooperation and the fruits of hard work leading to new discoveries. Makes me proud to be a fellow human.

  4. As if KSP couldn't get any cooler. Seriously, what a great way to introduce your kids to all things space. Building virtual rockets one minute; building real ones the next.

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