European Robotic Arm ready for space


The European Robotic Arm (ERA) will be launched to the International Space Station together with the Russian Multipurpose Laboratory Module, called ‘Nauka’. ERA is the first robot able to ‘walk’ around the Russian segment of the Space Station. It has the ability to anchor itself to the Station and move back and forward by itself, hand-over-hand between fixed base-points. This 11-metre intelligent space robot will serve as main manipulator on the Russian part of the Space Station, assisting the astronauts during spacewalks. The robot arm can help install, deploy and replace elements in outer space ERA is 100% made-in-Europe. A consortium of European companies led by Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands designed and assembled it for ESA. The robotic arm is largely funded by the Dutch government.

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  1. Russia will leave ISS three years later. Why do they bother to launch a new module together with this ERA? And can I say the Europeans stole it from China because the Chinese robotic arm already has this symmetric feature? 😆 well of course I can't because it's politically correct to ALWAYS blame China. 😜

  2. 3:34 the arm technologie is already proved is working well and is helping a lot since first robot arm was added to ISS from Canada.
    You dont thnik next level is tu put the arm in rails around the Space Station? So you can move it from EU modules to Rusian module. or even have 2 robot arms close and wark them toghether.
    I think the modules need some rails, to move this robots arms or atach astronaut to them for safe spacewalk.

  3. Lol the China bots are in force on this video. Y'all could at least make it not so obvious. And you sound really insecure about the whole China stealing technology thing lol.

  4. To all the 推杆熊猫 out there – ESA has had the backup arm stored on the ISS since 2010, this arm is not as new as you think. The concept of this type of robotic arm is older than the PRC would admit. The origins of ESA working with Roscosmos for the arm goes back to the 1980s and 90s. The PRC was not capable of even human flight by then. The ERA clearly predates even the early PRC chuangxin, shiyan and shijian grabbing satellite attempts. ESA needs to put dates in their information, at least to fend off the silly PRC PR war.

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