How does Europe’s new rocket work 🚀 #shorts


Do you know how rockets are launched? 🚀

Europe’s new launcher, Ariane 6 uses liquid oxygen and hydrogen as fuel to lift it off the ground and into space. This fuel is chilled to -150°C which allows more propellant to be loaded into the rocket with more fuel from the engine.

But Ariane would not get far without the boosters that provide the most thrust by far.

In order to control the direction of Ariane 6 after launch, the nozzles on the boosters and main stage can swivel to keep it on course. This is no easy feat as Ariane 6 is 56 m tall and controlled at the bottom, so it is a careful balancing act.

📹 ESA – European Space Agency

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  1. Very cool rocket, ESA! I wonder how much time and dedication it must have had to build. It will certainly have a big purpose!
    Wishing you a very wonderful tiem, ESA!

  2. I feel like the comparing to balancing a pen on your finger might introduce "pendelum rocket fallacy" (thinking that putting the engines higher would make it easier, but it doesn't)

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