How to become an astronaut


‘How do I become an astronaut?’ is a question that Frank Danesy has been asked many, many times. In this video Frank talks about the qualities needed to become an astronaut, the selection campaigns and the rigorous training involved for the lucky few who are eventually chosen.

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  1. Hi im Isaac Oliveira 12 years old and i am form portugal i like to be austronaut i like to put a over at the wars i like to put a over of eting meat because they kill the animals and to put a over at cut trhees and put eletric cars around the world and get some forme of travel with out poluition but my really dreams are end all wars around the world and become astronaut can some one help my where i need go where i need study how to i go to there ? next of become a astronaut i will go to the comandos if i can please help my

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