Selection begins | ESA’s next astronauts


Work is under way to sort and assess applications from more than 22 500 ESA astronaut hopefuls. The rigorous selection process will take around 18 months. Initial screening to ensure that basic criteria are met will be followed by medical and psychological tests, exercises and interviews.

ESA plans to recruit 4-6 new astronauts through this 2021-22 selection round to support the future of European space exploration. This is likely to include missions to the International Space Station as well as the Moon. As part of the selection process, ESA is also assessing the feasibility of flying an astronaut with a physical disability.

More information about the ESA Astronaut Selection is available online at

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  1. I dream to become an astronaut since my childhood. Of course, it is an extremely complicated profession but I know that I will always give myself the means to succeed and to make this dream come true one day. 🙏🚀 Thank you for this enriching and very detailed video. We send you lots of good vibes from France ! ❤✨

  2. Que grande abertura às pessoas e que grande aventura para os que forem seleccionados para a próxima geração de astronautas! Que sorte para os que irão para a exploração espacial e todos os caminhos a navegar vão dar ao Maravilhoso Universo!!

  3. Good luck to everyone ! And thanks ESA for making such motivating and fascinating videos like this ! Hope there will be another selection when I'll be finished with my studies, I realize that's a crazy and very VERY complicated profession but, who knows, craziness and curiosity is part of what makes life exciting ! Fingers crossed, and big support from France 🤞 !

  4. I am too short to selected for an ESA astronaut but too tall to be selected as a parastronaut. Hahahaha. I'll have to either acquire US citizenship or grow 1cm. I think I'll probably grow that height within this year, but only just!

    I hope they will change the minimum height because the majority of Asian/South asian women are too short 🙁

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