How was Russia defeated in 11 days? ⚔️ Operation Faustschlag


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🚩 Time for some World War I action! I’m happy to share with you the Operation Faustschlag, 1917, a strategic overview of the rapid German advance in the East that overwhelmed Russia. This video was made in collaboration with History Experience

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🚩 This video was made in collaboration with History Experience Check out their channel and give them the credit that they deserve.

📢 Narrated by David McCallion

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  1. My OCD won't allow me to go on living without pointing out the
    Misspoken error @ ~2:24

    (narrator said "Russian," but MEANT to say "German…")

    I'm sorry; can't help myself… 😕

  2. I don't care what anyone says. During WW1, AND during most of WW2 the Germans WERE THE GOOD GUYS. I wish the German Empire had EXTERMINATED the Bolshevik commie SCUM for once and all, no peace treaties, just keep coordinating with the White Army in Russia to destroy the Commies UTTERLY. World war 2 itself would have been averted entirely; and the threat of Communism would have DIED even before 1920 which it SHOULD HAVE. And there would have been no national socialism, not in the way it came out later as a backlash against the RIDICULOUSLY harsh conditions put on the German people AND state to "punish them" "for the great war" which France sought to blame them entirely for and wouldnt accept anything unless that was in the treaty in writing.

    And even in World war 2, even if we just let the mistakes of World war 1 to happen; there was still PLENTY of opportunities in the second world war to exterminate the Soviet Union AND COMMUNIST CHINA too while we were at it; our top military officer, General PATTON, SAID SO TOO. AND HE WAS RIGHT.

    And he was KILLED, MURDERED in a car crash made to look like an accident, before he could ever push for the invasion and destruction of the soviet union. SUSPICIOUS. Its clear to me that the hateful commies murdered him, commies in OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, which have already been PROVEN to exist – both by actual evidence from the united States and CIA/FBI and ESP from the released files of the old KGB which were released after the fall of the Soviet Union. They confirm ALL THIS.Anyone with doubts LOOK IT UP. You'll find that The Democrat communist party election fraud of 2020 here in America that installed a demented PUPPET LETS GO BRANDON! in office over the ELECTED PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to protect the establishment elitists and push their evil agenda and hurt us as much as possible in ALL WAYS, that THAT SHIT has been going on for SOME TIME NOW. In fact they were even bolder back then cause they knew there were no internet OR any other decent and reliable sources of news BESIDES the TV and radio companies they owned FROM THE START like ABC and CNN and so on.

  3. This is arguably the most underdiscussed cause of WWII, that many in German Army felt they had finally reconquered the Baltic “Wild East”, where the Baltic German settlers had remained the nobility for 700 years even under the Swedish and Russian Empires (along with establishing a presence in the breadbasket of Ukraine and the fought-over-for-millennia Crimea), and that it had all been taken away from their victorious army by the surrender of the republican government in 1918.

    Then to add insult to injury, in 1919 when the Bolsheviks threatened the Baltic Germans in the newly independent Baltic states, including a Soviet takeover over of Latvia and Riga, the old Germanic Order and Hanseatic city, Germany recaptured Courland and Livonia with the promise of settlement for a volunteer force which was joined by Baltic German forces, and installed a Baltic German government in Latvia. However they were then defeated by the Classicalist Estonians and Latvians, who had already ejected the Soviets from Estonia, at the Battle of Cesis and Latvians regained power in Riga, although the Baltic German nobility remained significant under the new government, but they were stripped of a large portions of their landholdings which was given to Latvians.

    This all was seen as a revitalization of the old “East Settling”, the original German settlement of Prussia, Riga and the Baltic, and was later characterized as the beginning of a new “Drive to the East, with the Baltics, Ukraine and Crimea forming the heart of the German “Living Space” idea.

  4. This clip greatly helps my understanding of the Weltkrieg Mod for Hearts of Iron 4. Kind makes sense how the landscape could've went if Germany had won WWI

  5. Russia wasn't defeated by Germany….they were defeated by themselves and their own civil war after which the army collapsed and there would be no serious resistance against Germany or Austria. I know everyone in here likes to jerk off the German military strength but no, Germany wasn't going to win ww1 and it wasn't going to win ww2.

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