Meet the Robots at Amazon


Will robots take over the world? Most researchers don’t think so. But how about our jobs?

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Michael Rivera

Michael Bicks & Anna Lee Strachan

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  1. For those trying to stop the future, this will never happen. We cannot limit innovation. Humanity will always find more efficient ways to do things. We all enjoy our cars, planes, and phones.

    It is delusional to think automation is not a threat to jobs.

    Google Andrew Yang.

  2. I'm so confused by what this video is trying to say, do people like working? That sounds masochistic. I'm very happily awaiting the time when robots take all of our jobs and we no longer have to work.

  3. the educational system is going to have to shift to prepare children for these job rolls.
    its already outdated as it is and still falling behind.
    the one guys exactly right, not all workers are going to be able to transition to tech jobs, either out of education, desire or even aptitude.
    i guess it boils down to if humans don't adapt we will be obsolete. maybe at some point a robot will bury the last human.

  4. No one (except truly bored people) 'need' jobs; there is no reason to 'save jobs' or worry about what will happen to jobs. What people need is money, resources, to be productive, and have something to do (a 'quest'). 1:30: "…where all jobs…are taken by machines…" GOOD! That will free people up to do things that matter, like create, interact, and live their lives to the fullest – that's why we have technology.

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