NASA Explorers Season 5, Episode 3: Space School


Before Jessica Watkins was an astronaut, she was a geologist. Now working on the International Space Station, Jessica and her fellow astronauts are preparing to explore the Moon and beyond.

But collecting and investigating rocks on other worlds is very different from digging dirt here on Earth. That’s where tools engineer Adam Naids comes in. Tools designed for Earth geologists may not work in the lower gravity and extreme temperatures of the Moon, and that’s before you bring in the bulky spacesuits! NASA Explorers come together at space school to train astronauts to conduct science on the Moon.

Series Executive Producers: Katy Mersmann/Lauren Ward
Season Producers: Lonnie Shekhtman/Stephanie Sipila/James Tralie/Molly Wasser

Explorers: Jessica Watkins/Adam Naids/Kelsey Young

a. “Iced Planet” by Anthony Edwin Phillips and Samuel Karl Bohn
b. “The Deep” by Paul Werner
c. “Carpe Diem” by Michael James Burns
d. “State of Matter” by Markus Gleissner
e. “A Grand Enterprise” by Daniel Marantz and Dave Carr
f. “Optimistic Attitude 1″ by Joel Goodman and Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno
g. “Dawn Beauty” Laurent Dury
h. “Take it Lightly” by Carl David Harms
i. “Imaginary Travel” by Claude Pelouse and Olivier Grim

Credit: NASA

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